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Bambu Indah, Bali

Photos and Words by Taylor Simpson

June 2019

When people think of Bali, they picture a far off tropical island with equal parts mysticism and romance. Mornings consist of reading and drinking local coffee and perhaps a yoga class, with afternoons spent navigating traffic in between exploring local markets and temples. And while any traveler to Bali can check off these activities, it is the property where you choose to stay that can define a traveler’s time on the island. Bambu Indah is one such awe-inspiring property.

Created by jewelry designers John and Cynthia Hardy, Bambu Indah started as a family’s retreat for their loved ones and has since expanded into a eco lifestyle resort complete with bamboo buildings and extensive gardens and grounds. In 2005, the Hardys brought eleven antique Javanese bridal homes to Bali to host their friends and family who came to visit them from around the world. They decorated the homes with traditional Indonesian textiles and objects to provide a distinct sense of place. The property, set in the heart of the jungle in Ubud, already possessed immaculate grounds, but soon they began to grow food in their gardens and follow a farm to table approach to dining.

In 2012, they decided to expand the property from four to sixteen rooms and created the guest experience travelers dream of. Local cuisine, yoga, hiking, swimming, and traditional Balinese culture all came together to make this a retreat unlike any other. Today, Bambu Indah is an escape from concrete jungles into the natural and sustainable wonderland of Bali. Many of the structures on property are made of bamboo, designed by the architects of Ibuku Studio. The gardens are woven into the fabric of the property and supply the kitchen with seasonal ingredients and creative menu options. Not only is the environment sustained, but it is celebrated. It is the inspiration and motivation behind daily life here. 

Upon check-out it is hard to shake the thought that maybe you too should give it all up and move to a magical jungle paradise in the heart of Bali. But until that day comes, we will always have Bambu Indah. 


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