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Korakia, Palm Springs

Photos and Words by Taylor Simpson

Nestled in the Historic Tennis Club neighborhood at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs, Korakia is a boutique hotel that transports guests to another time and place. For some it may be an exotic destination like the Middle East or Morocco, and for others it could be the perfectly dated and charming villages on the coast of the Mediterranean. Wherever it is you find yourself transported to, one thing is for certain- you won’t want to leave. 

While other five star resorts boast of pristine grounds and state-of-the-art rooms, Korakia provides guests with a more laidback and perfectly imperfect experience. Each of the 28 room’s design and layout is unique and with the decor constantly evolving (the owner of the property makes regular trips to Morocco and Europe to source new pieces for the property), guests are almost guaranteed a new experience every time they stay. 

The main building, which includes the tiny kitchen, “lobby” area, and library, was built in 1924 by Scottish painter, Gordon Coutts, who had an obvious fondness for his earlier years spent in Tangiers. (Winston Churchill was also said to have painted in the now “Artist Studio” room of the villa.) The rest of the property we see today was acquired over time, consisting of various 1920s era homes and estates in classic Spanish and adobe architecture. The “spirit” of Korakia is deeply rooted in the history of these structures and for that reason alone the guest experience is unmatched.  

A full breakfast is served daily which guests are encouraged to enjoy in their bathrobes. And if that isn’t enough to fuel the idyllic and romantic vibes, grab a cup of Moroccan tea served in the afternoons and head across the street to enjoy the other quiet pool- this one with breathtaking views of the mountains- and conclude your day by watching a film screening at dusk while enjoying the hotel’s BYOB policy.  

Starting at $180/night


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