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Ibiza in Prints

In Conversation with Photographer Ana Maria Tomescu

August 2020

Inspired by the quieter side of Ibiza, photographer Ana Maria Tomescu shares her life through prints that transport viewers to a summer on the Mediterranean. 

STRADA: Are you originally from Ibiza?

AMT: I am Romanian, but left Bucharest shortly after finishing university. After living in London for five years, I was ready for some sunshine. I have been living here for a year now.

STRADA: What does the island mean to you?

AMT: Ibiza is my muse. The island has a great energy, the people, the food, the sea and sunshine make the White Isle very special. It’s the place that makes you want to keep coming back. I have been here on holiday several times until finally decided to not go back.

STRADA: What sparked the idea for Ibiza in Prints?

AMT: I always loved photography and how I could capture my perspective of the world. During the lockdown we were unable to go out and that was really hard. So I learned to value every single trip outside the house. This is how I created Ibiza in Prints – I wanted to share with everybody that joy of finally being able to go outside, to the beach, meet with friends again, and so on. Although Ibiza is well known for its parties, there is another side to it that I would like the world to see.

STRADA: I absolutely love all of the blues in your work. Is there a particular spot on the island you recommend to see such great colors?

AMT: South side of the island is known for its crystal clear water and I am lucky enough to live nearby. Most of the photos are taken around this area: Cala Tarida, Cala Moli, Cala Vadella, Cala Salada. I love to capture my photos from high-up angles so you will always see me on top of a cliff taking photos.

STRADA: Describe a perfect summer day on the island.

AMT: Perfect summer day: Wake up surrounded by song of birds, brew a Cafes de Ibiza cup of coffee (local brand), make some toast and head straight to the beach – Cala Saladeta one of my favourites. Here you can grab freshly made mojitos made right on the beach.

When the sun gets too hot, I would head over to Es Boldado, a traditional fish restaurant with breathtaking views of Es Vedra. Es Vedra is Ibiza’s legendary rocky island in the middle of the sea, full of myths and legends and said to have supernatural powers. No perfect day ends without a magical sunset in Cala Benirras (every Sunday you will find drummers playing as the sun goes down).

STRADA: What is a dream project for you?

AMT: My dream project is to work with travel magazines like Condé Nast Traveller, I am a big travel lover and I believe people should see places through locals eyes, the good and the bad. On top of this, would love to have my own little art gallery shop here in Ibiza.

STRADA: Where do you want to travel to first when COVID has passed?

AMT: As soon as COVID lets us live our lives, I would love to go home to Romania and hug my family. Second to that, I’m dreaming of a road trip to Italy. xx.

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